XDEGROUP CONSTRUCTION MACHINE complies with the "One Belt One Road" development strategy, and strives to improve the ability of the top 100 concrete mixing plant products to go out and go global.

In the layout of overseas markets, XDEGROUP CONSTRUCTION MACHINE chooses to "go to sea in a group". At present, my development strategy has undergone great changes. The proposal of the "One Belt, One Road" initiative provides Chinese companies with a good political atmosphere and policy support for overseas visits, which is conducive to promoting the implementation of some grand strategies. The efficiency of going to sea.

In the internal market, XDEGROUP CONSTRUCTION MACHINE has made great efforts in internal control. In the past few years, we have focused on upgrading internal management and initiated some work on process informationization. The company has also accelerated internal production and cost reductions, and reduced production capacity through flattening, process reorganization, and teamization, and improved the operational efficiency of the entire organization.

With both internal and external measures, XDEGROUP CONSTRUCTION MACHINE is gradually developing and growing. Since this year, there have been HZS25/HZS35/HZS50/HZS60/HZS90/HZS120/HZS160/HZS180/HZS200 concrete mixing plants, mobile concrete mixing plants exported to Africa, Southeast Asia And so on.

Recently, as the HZS120 mixing plant was successfully packed and shipped to Russia, it once again sounded the clarion call for sales of top 100 products. Afterwards, there will be batch HZS180 type mixing station export.